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Depending on the season, various activities are organised at the Ortillopitz Basque House.

Treasure hunt

Treasure hunt


We have designed a treasure hunt for children! Visual clues in each room of the house will allow them to uncover the secret word that will open the treasure chest.
A fun way of getting the youngest ones interested in the Basque culture and tradition!

Presentation of old farm equipment

Enjoy now, at your own pace, a presentation of the agricultural equipment of yesteryear.

Old farm equipment

Want to go further ?

Discover Ortillopitz

A genuine 17th century Basque house, we will tell you about its history closely linked to that of the Basque people.

Ortillopitz facade

Prepare your visit to Sare

In the heart of the Labourd province in the northern Basque Country, discover our village at the foot of the Rhune, classified among the most beautiful villages in France.



Painting, old texts etc., discover some archives of Ortillopitz !